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Why do I keep reading about rejected profiles?

I guess because they're there. But check this out, a "PHP Developer" (for non-IT folk, that means programmer/coder), with this for his Overview, is advising an aspiring SEO freelancer on his portfolio. Without ado, the "Developer's" overview:


I believe successful design is the result of creativity and thoughtful decision making. Over the course of my career, I have worked in both the sign industry and print industry. With over 3 years of experience managing the art department of a large sign company, I have proven myself capable of handling both large and small jobs in a fast-paced environment.


And guess what, when I googled that overview, I see a page full of profiles of Graphic Designers. It's one thing to be a copycat, but at least copy the right resume! And this "PHP Developer" actually got approved, because he's completed one job for $5 with a 4.45 rating. Maybe he got in by client invitation? Or maybe because he misspelled it as "Php"? It's surreal. Cat Surprised


(For the morbidly curious, the "developer's" had financial transactions limited according to another topic)

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Wow. That's a lot of copycats. Take them to the pound!

I think that this is a mirror of the last profile I reported before I quit reporting them.  In that case, the freelancer had copied a designer's entire profile but replaced any word that referenced design with web dev or something like that.

Sadly, the person they copied from is not even at the top of the Google search.

SEO wizards perhaps? 

the pound will kill 'em.. Trap neuter release might be better...espacially the neuter...:)

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I like to read those people and their approved profiles and then head on over to the client section where I can LOL at clients getting burned by freelancers with fake profiles.


This is why I get clients who won't hire anyone in certain countries anymore. It's a double edged sword for me.


Surreal is an understatement.  I have an idea.


Perhaps when reviewing a new profile, Upwork should simply do a copy/paste Google search, and voila they'd learn all they need to know about these potential scammers and kiss them goodbye (and good riddance).

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