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Will colored hair be too unprofessional?

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Carlos H Member Since: Jul 21, 2015
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Hi Aidan, I think I've got the ultimate answer!! Ready? Do whatever you want Smiley Happy, and if you think it can impact your profile negatively then keep the last picture. Let's hope your clients do not have private investigators on you. Regards! Carlos Hdez Petrini
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Mr M Member Since: Apr 27, 2013
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Some people on odesk are 50 years old and they are using 20 years old profile pics becuse its not facebook or other social media where you will be changing your profile ..... ya its not important to have a current profile pic.


Clients need work or your updating photos? Smiley Tongue

"One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom"
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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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are you saying it's not right for profile pictures to not be current? 

are you saying that some 50 somethings DON'T look 20 years younger? 

what is it you're REALLY trying to say Mr. M. 

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Mr M Member Since: Apr 27, 2013
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updated Cat Sad

"One thing I know, that I know nothing. This is the source of my wisdom"
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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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i see you updated it slightly.


but i'm still wondering how do you know that people who are 50 and up don't actually look 20 years younger and that they are using their current pictures? 


lighting is everything when you're approaching your golden years all decrepid n'all. Woman Wink

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Fergus M Member Since: May 23, 2015
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Meh. The only way lighting will help my looks is if you switch it off.

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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LMAO Fergus! 



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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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I may sound cranky and annoyed.... Oh wait I am .. How does this pertain to anything really that relates to freelancing? It really belongs in the Coffee Shop part of the forum.


I really don't see how coloring your hair grey, blue, green or sparkling orange pertains to getting a job. Many jobs in the brick and mortar hire someone for thier skills not their hair color.


Sorry to be so cranky but long long day doing tech support tends to make me that way.

It is great everyone is having fun but it would be nice if it were not in the freelancer section...


I know Party Pooper here.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Although, a lot of good points were shared here about ways to market yourself as a professional in your Upwork profile, I agree, Suzanne, it does belong here in the Coffee Break section.


Thank you all for the interesting conversation.


~ Valeria
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Aidan C Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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I chose this area because Marketing is a huge part of freelancing, I've had a boost in clients just from having a nicer profile picture. I also do a lot of video interviews. 


I'm a bit annoyed that some of you are criticising this question. Again, it was to figure out if it would negatively affect gaining new clients. 


Looks play a huge role, if you look on fiver, the top sellers have almost model like images. 


I would keep my old profile picture, but if I'm doing videos (which I usually do for almost every high level job). They'll know that I have unnaturally colored hair. 


Fortunately, I've had a lot of people with real constructive answers give me their advice and experiences. I think I'll just have to test it out, and if it does affect myself negatively, then I'll take the loss and dye my hair back to brown. 


So thanks to those who put effort into helping me figure things out. I again, appreciate it.


Again this is essentially a MARKETING related question, since there seems to be confusion.