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Work proof for applying for American Visa

Hello fellow freelancers! Robot Happy


I'm about to apply for my American visa renewal; this is the first time I'm doing it by myself as the previous times I was a minor and had my parents to go with me.

As it is my first time applying while working (and also as a freelancer) I'm not sure what can I use for job proof. Robot surprised

As a freelancer I am a full time job employee for a company in the US (which I don't think is good for a proof) and have had a lot of projects from people from all around the world. I was wondering if someone has had this issue before, I'm not sure what kind of format I can present to the embassy so they know I'm a worker in my country.


Any help? Robot Embarassed


Thank you!

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I'm not really sure about your situation but perhaps the certificate of earnings from upwork would be legit, it states that you work as a freelancer and how much you earn working through upwork

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"As a freelancer I am a full time job employee for a company in the US" - if you mean Upwork here, then no, you're not. As a freelancer you are a full-time employee of yourself.

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If you are truly a full-time employee of a US company, they must give you a W-2 by Jan 31.

If you are working on upwork full-time as a freelancer, print out your certificate of earnings. A mortage company accepted it for me, so there is a good chance immigration will take it as well.

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Dear Michelle,


I am interested to know if the Upwork Certificate of Earnings has worked in your case?


Thank you so much,


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