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Wowsa the changes

Been gone for awhile and some long-term off-platform contracts came to an end so I decided to see what was cooking on Upwork. Am I ever glad I'm not desperate for work and needing to rely on the history I built here! 


Now I need to pay for connects, my JSS is at 0%, my skills tests are no longer important (and never were, I'm guessing?). Yet all of the same problems that slowly pushed me away from Upwork in the first place continue to abide, with new exciting hurdles to overcome. :)-


It's nice to see some familiar names in the community posts, though. Have the old-timers found most of the changes to be welcome overall?

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All these changes are good for dramacoin.

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It does seem that Upwork isn't really interested in rewarding freelancers for what they earn for the organization. The hours I spent taking tests were thrown away without asking me. JSS remains a mystery. I've spoken out about the connects which apparently a lot of people are in favor of -- though I'm not sure many can articulate why.  

I sympathize with you about your JSS going down to 0. That's a harsh reality of an algorithm that makes no sense. Sense is obviously not a priority. Why not give freelancers the opportunity to pause activity instead? 

I am appreciative of the opportunities Upwork has created for me, but I think I spend a lot of time working against those roadblocks in the system. It is incomprehensible to me why they are not advocates for freelancer success. It is as if they don't care that freelancer success is their revenue. It does seem they are pushing freelancers away or at least to seek other venues.

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