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Your expertise applied? | My upcoming tip-of-the-week.

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John B Member Since: Aug 20, 2015
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My upcoming tip-of-the-week will cover "Strengthen Client Relationships during the Project Win phase"

There are people with 100s of thousands of dollars worth of experience in Upwork.  It would not be hard to pick out three others, combine my experience in, and we would have accounted for more than a million dollars worth of delivery value.

If you have any suggestions or best practices you would like to share in advance (as threads in this posting or a private email to me)  I am most surely willing to reference them in this upcoming piece of thought capital.

Then, when I post this thought-capital work, I will hopefully have useful comments posted in follow-on by those so very experienced in Upwork delivery.  Perhaps, for once.  We can **Edited for Community Guidelines** and strive to each contribute value, if by two sentences or twenty.

Just a thought for the upcoming day.