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a cup of coffee after 2 years! :)

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Mohamed O Member Since: Apr 18, 2011
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Hi Odeskers! Smiley Happy i joined Odesk like 2 years ago and this is my first time to visit forums Smiley Happy can we have a virtual cup of coffee here? Smiley Happy let's have a seat .. do you know the great "second life" game? please someone remind me to build a coffee shop there called "Odesk" and each one of us should choose an avatar -damn! this coffee is very tasty! - and you will find me easily .. do you see that BIG funny dragon with 2 wings drinking coffee over there?! Smiley Happy it's a nice game but very addictive! indeed it will destroy your "first life"! Smiley Happy .. so please don't go there! .. stay at our lovely Odesk here you can build a real experience and sometimes money and who knows? may be friends as well! Smiley Happy hey! any girls here?! .. yes sure! i expect an E-P-I-C love story is going to start right here right now! come on! life can't be that complicated! Smiley Happy seriously we are living in a completely virtual world .. everything is virtual and everything is "E" .. "e-mail","e-company" , "e-marketing" ,"e-love" , 'e-learning" ,"e-bullshit" Smiley Happy uncle shakespeare said "to E or not to be!" Smiley Happy hey! the coffee break is about to finish and unfortunately i didn't find my love yet! Smiley Sad .. may be in the next time Smiley Happy .. thanks guys very nice talking to you .. see you soon love, M.Osman
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John B Member Since: Feb 20, 2009
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Welcome Mohamed O from Egypt. I found you post quite funny!