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Community User Ranks Explained

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Anatoly V Member Since: Aug 1, 2017
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Thanks a lot John.

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Grant C Member Since: Sep 8, 2017
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I am probably stepping on a land mine here... But here goes...

1) What authority constitues these rankings. (What yardsticks or benchmarks are they based on)?

2) Howcome so many of the 'community gurus' or other 'leaders'  Hide their profiles?  Seems to me they should exemplify their credibility (assuming a community guru is something to be) by being more transparent...

3) Why is there an emphasis on how many kudos a contributer recieves?   Are kudos really indicative of a revenue -drawing free lancer...or is just a popularity thing for the moderators? 

Inquiring minds want to know...  Smiley Indifferent


Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Community ranks Garnor listed in his post are based on the number of posts, accepted solutions and how long a user has been an active member of the Community. 


Community members can't hide their Community page which contains links to their published and kudoed posts. However, just like any other Upwork user they can choose to make their Upwork profile private. Some do it for privacy reasons or to limit the number of invites they receive. We have no intentions to require active participants of the Community to make their profiles public.


Kudoes allow Community members to express that they like, support, appreciate or agree with a comment. 

~ Valeria
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Levi B Member Since: Jun 12, 2018
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I finally have more time to learn about UpWork, this is really interesting

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Muhammad Waqar A Member Since: Nov 14, 2015
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Thank you for posting this, I was looking for it. (y)

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Amine B Member Since: Jul 4, 2017
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thank you sir ! this is helped me a lot !!! 

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Rebecca R Member Since: Feb 26, 2019
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Just wanting to add to this thread and not sure how to tactfully state what I want to say, so bear with me as I work up to it.


I like the idea of automated rank "titles" based on number of posts. That's pretty standard forum fare.


I like the added logo for official Upwork members so that we know when it's an official response.



What I don't like is the term Guru or the like being included in the rank titles because, until one actually sees an official response, it's easy to assume (yes, we shouldn't assume, but we do) that a "Guru" is an official member of the Upwork team. 


How I found this thread: I'd noticed many responses from "Gurus" that -hmmm- lacked professionalism. That ding is not directed at 99% of Gurus. As with most things it's the small % of bad apples that generate the complaints. The bulk of responses from Gurus or other such ranked persons are full of helpful informaton and are profesional in manner and share the answers most of us newbies need. This is 100% why the threads I'd been on hadn't included official responses -- no official responses were needed! Go Gurus! And thank you, you've answered all of my questions. So far. :0)


Eventually, though, I saw enough off-kilter-for-a-professional responses to wonder what gives someone Guru credentials and landed here. Up until this thread, since I'd not seen an official response, I had no clue that the Gurus weren't official Upwork members and that official Upwork members do have the Upwork logo associated.


That's a long way to say that I think it would be great to have this distinction permanently available via a heading along the top of the forum that always shows and simply says something like:


Official Upwork responses are noted with 2019-02-28_6-41-26.png next to the member's name.

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John L Member Since: Apr 13, 2015
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Very informative. Thank you Garnor.

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Braxton M Member Since: Oct 2, 2019
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What is rankings plz answer me

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Braxton M Member Since: Oct 2, 2019
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Hi all,

We’ve heard from some of you who have questions on the titles that show under your profile name here on the Upwork Community. I’m here to shed more light on these user "rankings" and how they work.

Ranks are intended to help all of us identify frequent and valued contributors to the Upwork Community. This is a common practice in many online communities where it’s helpful for users to quickly identify those participants who are most active. Some communities even find this to be a motivating function for their users, as graduating up the rankings becomes a fun and engaging exercise.

The rankings are largely based on activity and "age", i.e. how long you've been registered on the Community. We also have some user ranks reserved for Upwork teams and the occasional "guest" participant. You’ll graduate up the rankings as you’ve been on the Community, posted to discussions and viewed threads.

Here then is a summary of the user ranks, in order of newest to most experienced:

Forum explorer
Frequent visitor
Active member
Power member
Ace Contributor
Community Leader
Community Guru
VIP (Upwork can also assign this rank)

Additional ranks assigned by Upwork:

Community Manager
Featured Content Expert