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Aug 28, 2023
A Freelancer's Dilemma - The Price of Commitment

Step into the world of freelancing, where every call holds the promise of a potential sale. One client seemed like a dream come true, with specific requirements and a budget that seemed reasonable. But what happens when the alluring prospect starts to slip away, and you find yourself competing with not one, but six other freelancers? In this blog, discover the heart-pounding moment when I face a make-or-break decision, balancing the desire for a sale with the value of my work.


As a freelancer, every client call presents a world of possibilities.


Recently, I had a promising interaction with a potential client who communicated her requirements clearly, and her budget seemed workable. We reached a verbal agreement on the budget and deadline, and she seemed eager to proceed, promising to send me an offer right away.

Excitement filled me as I awaited the offer, envisioning a successful collaboration ahead. However, as the hours turned into days, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was amiss. When I decided to investigate further, I discovered that she was conducting interviews with not just two or three freelancers, but an astonishing six individuals.

A red flag went up in my mind. It was evident that some of my competitors had possibly offered their services at a significantly lower price, compromising their value and potentially undermining the worth of the work we do as freelancers.


Determined not to let this opportunity slip away without a fight, I sent a gentle reminder to the client. In response, she candidly revealed that she had indeed received lower-priced offers from other freelancers and questioned if I would be willing to work within the same budget as the other freelancers.

This was a make-or-break moment for me.


If I agreed to such a drastic reduction in my rate, I might secure the project, but it would come at the cost of compromising the value I place on my skills and services. As a freelancer, my commitment and dedication to each project define me in the eyes of potential clients. By accepting a rock-bottom price, I risked devaluing not only my work but the work of all freelancers who strive to deliver excellence.

With a firm belief in the quality of my services, I responded to the client with the utmost professionalism. I highlighted the unique aspects of my work, such as the custom detailing in my designs, the numerous revisions I offer to ensure client satisfaction, and the overall value that comes with choosing my services. I expressed that my pricing is a reflection of the effort, time, and expertise I invest in every project, and therefore, I could not compromise on that aspect.

It was a moment of truth. Would the client appreciate the dedication I put into my work, or would she be swayed by the allure of a cheaper deal? To my relief, she responded positively, understanding the value I brought to the table. She agreed to proceed with the initial pricing we had discussed, and soon after, she sent the official offer.

As I celebrated securing the project, a lingering question remained in my mind: What about all those other freelancers who agreed to provide the same service for 1/4 of my price, or even less? Did they realize the potential damage to the freelance community's reputation and the precedent they were setting for future clients?

In the competitive world of freelancing, pricing can be a tricky tightrope to walk.


While it's understandable that clients seek budget-friendly options, it's equally crucial for freelancers to stand their ground and uphold the value of their work. We must strive to educate clients about the importance of fair pricing and the exceptional quality they receive when they choose dedicated and committed freelancers.

In conclusion, this experience served as a powerful reminder that as freelancers, we must be unwavering in our commitment to delivering excellence. By valuing our skills and services appropriately, we not only protect our own livelihoods but also contribute to the overall reputation and worth of the freelance community.


Let's continue to champion our dedication, talent, and professionalism, proving that quality work always prevails over cut-rate deals.


If you've experienced a dilemma such as this: Share your experience. Did you prevail, were you overcome by the allure of the project, or perhaps the client couldn't resist the lower price tag?