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Oct 31, 2023
AI as a Competitive Advantage: Insights From 5 Successful Freelancers

AI as a Competitive Advantage: Insights from 5 Successful Freelancers


To understand how AI can provide a competitive edge in various freelance industries, we asked five professionals to share their experiences. Insights from a data scientist and a managing director, among others, reveal the diverse applications of AI. From using AI in investment fund setup and promotion to its role in graphic design and social media, discover how these professionals are leveraging AI to stand out in their respective fields.


  • AI in Investment Fund Setup and Promotion
  • AI for Efficient Client Acquisition
  • Generative AI in Content Creation
  • Enhancing Writing with AI Tools
  • AI in Graphic Design and Social Media



AI in Investment Fund Setup and Promotion

AI saves hundreds of hours of time in research and development, particularly for companies that create forward-thinking tech in the medical, real estate, and financial sectors. 


The use of AI has significantly benefited real estate funds by outlining all the necessary steps to properly set up an investment fund. This has resulted in thousands of dollars saved in legal and lawyer fees. AI is also utilized to create video content to promote funds.


Anade Davis, Data Scientist, World Blockchain Developers




AI for Efficient Client Acquisition

I've been using Lyne.ai for a while now. As a freelance writer, I don't just sit and wait for clients to land on my page; I actively search for them! While doing so, I realized that it wasted a significant amount of my time only to find prospects. That's where I strategically use AI to help me, so I can focus more on delivering exceptional copies to my clients. 


As a freelancer, I mostly work on my own. I don't yet have enough human resources to do the marketing campaign. Hence, I usually look up to Google and compile an email list of prospective leads. Instead of manually sending the emails, I use Lyne.ai. I only need to upload the list, and Lyne will do its work like magic. It helps me send personalized cold emails to my target prospects. 


By automating this workflow, I'm able to reach out to more clients and maintain standout performance as a freelancer.


Diana Royanto, Writer, Milkwhale




Generative AI in Content Creation

Generative AI is used to convert notes into content that can then be rewritten in personal words. Research is a significant part of the content creation process. A rough outline for a white paper or article is put together, and then the blanks are filled in with facts gathered from a variety of sources. ChatGPT is then used to rewrite it in chunks. The result is a clunky article, but it's better than the notes started with. 


From there, the content is rewritten in a personal voice and references to the sourced material are added back. Generative AI can be thought of as a tool to create a rough draft. It's a huge time-saver when used well. However, keep in mind, search engines can detect generated content, and it often misses nuances that make a piece special. 


So, don't just cut and paste the output. Use it as a framework for the rewrite, and there will be something to be proud of.


Dennis Consorte, Digital Marketing and Leadership Consultant for Startups, Snackable Solutions




Enhancing Writing with AI Tools

I pride myself on writing my clients' content myself, but using AI tools like Surfer and ChatGPT allows me to be more thorough in my writing. I use AI tools to fill in knowledge gaps, get suggestions for improving the copy, and suggest additional facts that contribute to my ideas. 


This synergy allows me to be more effective and impactful for my clients, which helps them stand out against their competitors.


Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance




AI in Graphic Design and Social Media

The strategic use of AI can improve image quality, retouch photos, and remove imperfections. This ensures that the graphics used in social media posts are visually appealing and professional. AI-powered content generators can help the designer quickly come up with engaging captions and hashtags that resonate with the target audience. 


This reduces the time spent on brainstorming content ideas. AI can analyze social media performance data to identify trends, optimal posting times, and content that resonates with the audience. This information can inform the designer's content strategy and help them create more effective designs. 


AI can create personalized content for each follower, such as customizing graphics with the follower's name or preferences. This level of personalization can help the freelancer stand out and engage their audience more effectively. Using AI-driven chatbots, freelancers can provide 24/7 customer support, answering common queries as well.


Joe Li, Managing Director, CheckYa




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