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Jan 16, 2023
Advice for building your brand from a People expert

It’s a new year and with it comes new opportunities to grow our businesses and careers. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve collected career and business advice from executives within Upwork, human resources experts, experienced freelancers, and business leaders. We’ll be sharing these tips all month long! You can subscribe to the blog to avoid missing this valuable insight.




Here's TJ's full advice:


Tip: Brand Yourself & Ensure Consistent Identity


The only way to stand out in a competitive job market or be "heard" over all of the noise on social media is to create your own personal brand. As a People executive who loves building organizations' People function from scratch, I have branded myself as an Empologist. Empology is a term I coined to better describe what I consider the core of my role: studying employers and employees. Since I want to keep the Empologist branding tied to me, as opposed to being generalized, I did not change my social handles. Instead, I ensure consistent identity across all socials by having @tjwalkowski everywhere that I have "professional" content. This consistency ensures CEOs (potential employers), colleagues, and anyone interested in my thought leadership on the future of work can find me anywhere.

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