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Advice from Aneesh (Expert-Vetted, Top-Rated Freelancer) Media Data Analyst | Data Viz Consultant


Hi, my name is Aneesh Kumar and I am a Top Rated freelancer here on Upwork. I've been working on Upwork for the past three years now and here is my story.


So, let me take you back a little bit to give a little bit of a backdrop of how I've reached here and what's my story like.


So, I started my schooling and undergrad was in India. For my Master’s, I went to the U.S. in Iowa, from Iowa I ended up traveling to New York. I was working with media agencies full-time and I learned a lot of my skills working with those media agencies full time. So, back in 2020 is when I started my freelance journey. 


Upwork has been an amazing marketplace. Getting the first project was the hardest piece, I had to apply for a lot of jobs in order to get my first gig going.


And it's been three years now, I've worked on a little over 130+ projects and it's been such a satisfying journey so far here on Upwork. 


I've gotten a chance to work directly with CEOs in assisting them with building their analytics capabilities. So at this point, I provide turnkey solutions to media agencies or product-based companies who are looking to up their game in terms of analytics, dashboarding, and reporting. That's my core skill set. 


I work primarily in the media/website analytics space because that's where my past experience lies in. 


And most of the projects that I've completed here on Upwork, they've all been in that same space. 


I've got a chance to work with amazing CEOs from companies from all over the world so this has been really satisfying. 


And if you're looking out to join as a freelancer, I would strongly recommend taking in those baby steps and just building up your profile. Because what you build on Upwork: all your profile, all your reviews, are gonna stay there forever. 


So, initially it may seem like an uphill battle but in the long run, it's gonna be super fruitful. All you need is consistent effort and that's all you need to be successful here on Upwork.


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