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Feb 08, 2023
Business and career advice from a successful freelancer


Here's Sudhir's top career and business advice for the new year:

  • Never copy anyone, be original. Just because something worked for somebody, does not mean that it will work for you as well. All the innovation in this world is the result of someone failing at something and finding a new way of doing things. Learn from everyone you meet and just add your flavor to it.
  • Always set goals related to the process (the actions you will take on a daily basis) rather than to results. Results are just a by-product of taking constant action. For example, your goal should be to submit XX number of proposals and not winning new contracts. Winning contracts will come as result of you taking consistent actions. 
  • When you repeat anything for a longer period of time, you will automatically improve on that. The only way of getting better at something is doing it badly a greater number of times. For this new year, just pick up anything that you want to improve and repeat it until you get better at it.

We hope you've enjoyed our blog series and that it has inspired you to reach new heights in 2023. Cheers!