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Career Trends in 2022: A Look Into The Future of Work


Are you wondering what the future holds for your career? This roundup will cover current trends and what might be important in 2022. We’re in the middle of the year, but hey, it’s never too late to understand the career trends happening post-pandemic. 


The most influential trends in our lives are those that get us thinking and questioning. Our reality is being shaped through our careers, and that’s why it’s crucial to stay on top of what is happening in the industry you want to be involved in–whether in tech, digital marketing, finance or even in the field of human resource or engineering! See if any of these career trends will help you in your career journey, too.


Trend #1: Talent as a service.


Talent as a service represents the next big wave of talent management—one that enables companies to buy the skills they need on-demand and pay only for the time employees actually spend working. 



Trend #2: A boost in the healthcare sector.


With the industry gaining momentum, all healthcare providers will be facing new challenges and trends. With this in mind, they will have to show how they are constantly adapting and innovating their services to stay relevant.



Trend #3: Influx of the leisure and hospitality industry.


Despite the temporary drop in tourism that followed Covid-19, the global tourism industry is expected to continue its recovery in 2022. The number of destination countries lifting travel restrictions has increased markedly over the past few months.



Trend #4: A rise in the business and managerial fields.


Project management is an ever-expanding field, offering a wide range of job opportunities in every sector and industry. From business to the managerial profession, there are many jobs that require project management skills and knowledge.



Trend #5: Hybrid workplaces becoming the new normal.


Along with longer commutes and a greater variety of work arrangements, hybrid offices are becoming the new normal. Some companies are urging their employees to come back full-time while others are allowing them to stay home. Economists and researchers are convinced that this shift is irreversible as we continue on the path to return to business as usual.


  • According to CNBC, some people switched to working from home for the first time and discovered they never want to step foot in an office again.
  • USA Today reports that the 9-to-5 workday is slowly disappearing.


With the new normal coming in at full force this 2022, it’s quite expected that a generation of employees has been forced to work differently. Even economists and researchers are convinced that we’ll never go back to work the way we did before the pandemic. With these forthcoming trends in work, how is this affecting your career choices? Share them with us below.