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Feb 06, 2023
Career advice from Senior Product Design Manager at Upwork

It’s a new year and with it comes new opportunities to grow our businesses and careers. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve collected career and business advice from executives within Upwork, human resources experts, experienced freelancers, and business leaders. 




Here's Sofia's complete advice for freelancers: "Always be learning, never miss an opportunity to learn either through getting feedback on your work or through training to improve your skill set. Learn what your competitors are doing better. Learn how to build better business practices that go beyond delivering great quality work but also build good relationships and communication with your clients. Learn more about your clients as humans beyond the transaction of exchanging work for pay. Most importantly, learn to set boundaries for yourself to rest and enjoy time with family and those you love so you're consistently reenergizing yourself. The more you give of yourself, the more you need to give to yourself."


What business or career advice would you give for the new year?