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Celebrating Juneteenth: A Roundtable Discussion on In(ter)dependence

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June 19th marks the day when Black Americans in Galveston, Texas, were finally freed. Now we celebrate Juneteenth as America’s true independence day and honor the remarkable strides and contributions the Black community has made since.


In this intimate roundtable discussion, hear how these Black entrepreneurs show the world how they’ve redefined it for themselves in 2022—and discovered its deeper root: an interdependence with their ancestors, their community, and the success they’re forging for tomorrow.  



Meet Abigail B. 

Consultant, Design & Change Leader, Writer, & Strategist

More than a career—a legacy. From being told she’d never be more than an assistant to becoming the first entrepreneur in her family, Abigail redefined independence and success by embracing her heritage and community.


Meet Ryan C.

Expert SharePoint and Office 365 Architect

Ryan’s definition of success is creating a brighter tomorrow. Known to his clients as Mr. Sharepoint, Ryan has earned over $1 million on Upwork through his SharePoint skills, and now works to mentor other Black professionals to develop similar skills and uplift their families and communities in turn.


Meet Holley M.

Author, Speaker, and Cultural Geographer

Holley has built a career highlighting people within underrepresented communities, as the founder and CEO of Oratory Glory, a storytelling agency and speaker collective catalyzing diversity by amplifying marginalized voices.  For 15 years, she’s amplified stories to create avenues for others to thrive and become who they are. Her specialty lies in the intersection of creativity, equity, and the new world of work we all find ourselves navigating.