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Consistency Is the Key for a Successful Approach

Upwork has been the best freelance marketplace since 2013. As time is passing by, a particular competition has taken place which has brought freelancers into a vulnerable challenging phase. We all must know that the clients on the other hand, prefer this platform because it fulfills their need of hiring on an immediate  and ongoing basis.


I joined Upwork as a graphic designer in 2023, and my expertise in visual communication suppresses the promising outcomes of a raw plan. I’m known by my following skill set:


  • Logo Design
  • 2D animation
  • Packaging
  • Graphic Design
  • UI/UX for Web & Mobile App

In 7 years of my work experience, I have delivered numerous projects with absolute dedication and left my clients with zero disappointment. My detail-oriented work and creative execution of ideas and concepts have always convinced my clients. For the record, you can easily visit my portfolio. I’ll attach the link at the end; I believe you will find it astonishingly appealing.

As a freelancer on this platform, I have gained much of an understanding of getting my proposals approved by every potential client. However, the process may seem like a tiresome journey but believe me, it is worth a shot. Once you devote your time and commit your efforts towards your passion your hard work will pay you off eventually.


One of the major keys I have learned so far is the consistency of job seeking. My everyday presence and a search for my client have led me hired. On the other hand, there are many various elements that help the job posters to be considered.


One of the most important elements is a proposal or it is also called a “cover letter”. From my personal experience, a defined proposal is an absolute triumph. A proposal must present an understanding of a job description, and if you also add some guidelines and some solutions to your client’s problems, that would be the cherry on the cake. I always prefer restating the core problem in my cover letter in order to indicate to the client that I have captured the attention of your issue and then offer my solutions by describing a few of my beginning steps. This strategy not only grabs the job poster’s eye but also creates a possibility to build a trustworthy work environment.


Here I’m sharing concise key points for a winning proposal through my experience:


The copy-paste mantra:

  • This is quite understandable that you copy and paste the proposal templates to save time but the truth is, this does not work at all. A job seeker can easily spot your copy-paste proposal which is one of the dull and negative impressions you leave in the first place. However, every freelancer needs to know that the length of your proposal is never an appealing source to a client your understanding of job description is. Once you grasp the core requirement from the description, the process of interpretation becomes far easy and leads you to write your catchy proposal right on the spot.

A thorough comprehension:

  • For a win-win proposal, you need to acknowledge the pattern. You must know what a fail proposal look like. Then restructure your proposal, and avoid mentioning yourself too much. However, your proposal must show empathy towards your client and let them know that you have recognized the problem they are talking about, and share the solution you will be giving to them through the sample.


Light up the guidelines:

  • As the client is looking for solutions, mentioning some of your working steps will cause no harm. Sharing some guidelines through your proposal after recognizing the core problem will help to build trust between you and your clients.


I’m hoping that these keys may help you gain business on Upwork. You can share your points from your experience as well if I have missed out on any of them.


The following link will take you directly to my portfolio.