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Jul 12, 2023
Hear From William, an Expert-Vetted Talent, On How AI Is Changing The Way He Works

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dramatically altered the business landscape in 2023. And the changes have only just begun. Goldman Sachs estimates that AI could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs worldwide. Generative AI tools have the potential to reduce many administrative jobs and professional positions in copywriting, marketing, finance, math, law,
medicine, and software engineering.

How do individuals, businesses, and governments prepare for the sweeping AI changes ahead?

William T. Cooper is a freelance business consultant who has reached the coveted million-dollar mark on four different platforms, including Upwork, Google AdSense, LinkedIn, and his website.


“The job marketplace has begun a seismic shift due to the new generative AI tools and ChatGPT.”

William has a unique vantage point drawn from his expert AI marketing, sales, and strategy skills, which have placed him in front of hundreds of businesses in rapid-fire Upwork consultations and projects in 2023. His client experiences, coupled with a Master’s degree in Economics and extensive AI research, strongly suggests that “during the next several years, AI, sales, strategy, and startup skills will be in high demand, whereas administrative, entry-level, intermediate, and many of the professional jobs will be reduced, especially on the freelancing sites.” His recent LinkedIn polls further reveal that there is a real threat for business owners who lag behind the AI curve.

The World Economic Forum stated that “twenty-three percent of all jobs studied in their data set will be impacted by artificial intelligence during the next five years.” It is no wonder that businesses and governments are scrambling to understand the consequences of AI.

Will a universal basic income be required for tens of millions of displaced workers? Can workers be quickly trained for the new AI jobs? Are workers capable and willing to learn newer, more advanced skills? Will the world have a greater divide between the haves and have-nots?

William has witnessed a radical transformation in client needs during consultation calls as early AI adopters feverishly question how to prepare for and leverage AI.


He sees the businesses of tomorrow as “millions of startup companies with one to ten employees poised to take advantage of the sweeping AI changes." "These nimble businesses will produce a new crop of overnight millionaires that will come surging into freelancing sites seeking quick expert advice for AI, sales, strategy, and consulting solutions.”


During the past decade, William and his wife Shanon, a dynamic marketing duo, have worked with 700+ diverse B2B sales and eCommerce teams, implementing innovative sales, marketing, and AI solutions. Their tailored strategies have led to significant growth for their clients and earned them hundreds of raving 5-star reviews and nearly one million on Upwork. William holds both a Master’s in Economics and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, enabling him to work in today’s fast-paced freelance consulting environment. Feel free to contact William T Cooper at either LinkedIn or Upwork.


SOURCE: William T. Cooper