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How 13 Years on Upwork Changed My Freelance Story

When I first joined, I was a first-year university student with limited money. I came from a humble background, so it was difficult for me to pay for my education. In my free time between computer lab classes, I searched the internet for online job opportunities.


I found oDesk while searching. I made an account. It was difficult to figure out how to get jobs. It was very hard to get my first job. But I kept learning about SEO.



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I spent two months studying SEO. I read a lot to learn about it. I studied job proposals on oDesk. I read client job posts to match my skills with their needs.


Pro tip: If you are struggling with proposals, check out the Upwork Course on Submitting Proposals video.



It was hard to balance going to university and freelancing. But studying Computer Science and Engineering helped me in my studies and improved my programming skills. This education helped me understand SEO better.


After I finished university, I decided to become a full-time freelancer. I liked working from home and didn't want a permanent office job. Freelancing was the right choice for me because I enjoyed my work, solved problems, and got positive feedback from clients.


I faced challenges during the years when the new JSS score was introduced. I received critical feedback during those times. But I always bounced back and used those experiences to learn and solve clients' issues.


Pro Tip: Watch Upwork's Job Success Score Explanation video



Securing jobs in freelancing is a constant challenge. You must keep learning. Reading a lot is important for doing good work.


Freelancing is not easy if you don't want to put in time. You have to understand that no one will give you money for free. You have to work for it. I have learned a lot and grown in my 13 years on Upwork. I feel satisfied when I overcome challenges.


You can view my profile here.



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