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How I Achieved the Rising Talent Badge and Landed 2 Projects in 5 Days Worth $800+



Before diving into the world of Upwork, I made sure to conduct thorough research. I discovered that success on Upwork hinges on the type and depth of experience you bring to the table. If you have a few years of industry experience and a portfolio that builds trust, your chances of landing a job quickly increase. However, if you're just starting your career, it may take around 2-3 months to secure your first job. Understanding this dynamic helped me set realistic expectations and approach my Upwork journey with a strategic mindset.


Optimising Profile




One key factor that contributed to my success on Upwork was optimizing my profile completely. I recognized the importance of presenting myself in the best possible light to attract clients. By carefully curating my profile, you can always search well established freelancers on Upwork before writing your bio and other details. I was able to showcase my skills, highlight relevant experience, and project a professional image. If you're curious about the specifics, feel free to check out my profile.


Generalization vs. Specialization


When starting out on Upwork, I found that instead of generalizing my services, it was more effective to focus on one or two key skills. By honing in on these areas of expertise, I positioned myself as a specialist, which helped me stand out from the competition. As I gained experience and built a solid reputation, I gradually expanded my offerings and added more skills to my profile. This approach allowed me to showcase my proficiency in specific areas while demonstrating my flexibility and growth over time. By emphasizing specialization at the beginning and gradually diversifying, I was able to attract clients who were seeking expertise in those specific fields.




The thing I learned throughout my career about marketing is: consistency. One key strategy that has worked well for me is setting a specific number of proposals to send each day. By establishing this routine, I ensured a consistent flow of opportunities and maintained an active presence on the platform. Whether it's five, ten, or any other manageable number.


Strive to stand out in the ocean


You're often competing with dozens, if not hundreds, of other freelancers for the same job. Many of them may have more skills, impressive reviews, and coveted Top Rated badges. To stand out it's important to go beyond simply introducing your skills. Instead, focus on providing the client with the best solution to their needs. Highlight your unique approach, showcase your understanding of their requirements, and outline how you can add value to their project. By demonstrating your expertise and offering a tailored solution, you'll increase your chances of capturing the client's attention and securing the project.


Do you have enough budget to start?


You'll need to allocate a budget for purchasing Connects and considering a Freelancer Pro membership. Connects are essential for submitting proposals to job postings, and the number of connects required varies depending on the project. As an example, if you've decided to send 10 proposals per day, you can estimate that it will cost you approximately $300 per month for the required connects. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure you have enough budget allocated for these expenses as you embark on your journey on Upwork.


Happy freelancing and best of luck on your Upwork journey! Remember to stay focused, deliver exceptional work, and seize the opportunities that come your way. Here's to your success! 🖐