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May 29, 2024
How To Choose The Right Client For You

For performance enhancement, we need to review whom we work with and which skills are needed to engage with clients. Always deliver high-quality work for clients and get reviews. This review is important as based on the following we get more work. Therefore, it always matters that you choose the right client for you.


Finding new clients is challenging and depends on your industry, target audience, and the nature of your business. Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with freelancers across various fields. It's suitable for smaller projects or tasks where you may not need a full-time hire. It is one of the best platforms for finding more clients.


Besides working in a full-time role as a technology manager, it was good to have passive income and connect with teams globally to find new innovative projects as you are your own best “Product”.


After working over 58 projects on Upwork and becoming Top Rated Plus badge in the digital marketing category, I share the following performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you determine whether a client is worth working with:



Communication Responsiveness: How quickly the client responds to messages and inquiries, indicating their level of engagement and commitment to the project.


Project Scope Clarity: Assess how well-defined and clear the client's project requirements are, which can affect the ease of project management and potential for scope creep.


Long-Term Relationship Potential: Consider the potential for establishing a long-term working relationship with the client beyond the current project, based on their business needs and future projects. We are in a gig economy in which temporary positions are common and organizations hire independent workers for short-term commitments. Building long term relations can be challenging and you may end up with less star reviews.


Jobs Posted: How many jobs are posted by client? If the hiring rate is less than 50%, the client is probably checking on the proposal and still does not know exactly who needs to hire, they just post a job and check if people are interested or not.


Total Spent: How much total spent through Upwork? If client spend more than $10K, they know how to work on the platform. If they are less than $1K that means you might be struggling with them on payment terms.


Avg hourly rate paid: How much budget do they have for projects? If the client hourly rate is $10 then you can ask for $25 hourly work as they simply will reject your offer as they are looking for low budget work with quality services. They will complain about your work later on as you are performance less but they will not consider raising the hourly rate for efforts you will put in.


Reviews: What's the expected review you will get working with a client? We work hard to deliver projects but in the end sometimes you don't get a 5 star review. If a client got habit of giving less star reviews, you will also get less star no matter if you work hard for them. Clients don't care about their mistakes but they always remember your mistakes. Try to work with 5 star clients as they may appreciate your efforts.


Client Profiles ComparisonClient Profiles Comparison


For freelancers and agencies, it is important which are key KPI for performance. It's always good to have a client's history with whom you want to work with but it is challenging as each team is different and each project is different.


I have worked on different projects due to advanced skills in Digital Marketing, Amazon FBA Specialist, Social Media Marketing, Web Development and Content Creation. Due to professional experience it helps in delivering projects.


We should watch out for client invites and if they are new on Upwork. There are few clients you need to communicate with first before you decide to work with them.


Milestones Work: There are sometimes cases that you work on a project which is milestone based but once you will deliver, the client may not release payment as the milestone is not approved or not funded. Only work if the client confirms it dont do extra things as may not be appreciated and out of scope.


Building Trust: There are clients with whom I experience working more than a few months and got 60% long term clients. It takes time to understand the client's business strategy as sometimes they don't know and hired you as an expert to help their business grow. Even if its client makes a mistake or their product or service is not fit for the market, if you did not deliver, you will end up with negative reviews.


Download files: We often find files which are project files and they share to download it. These sometimes are spam or virus files which you should not download. Check back on client profile and see when client profile creation date and if it shows that its creation date is today or yesterday then dont download nor communicate with such client. They are spammers and their profiles will be blocked soon.


Random Invites: Congrats you got an invite on Upwork and client sent you an offer which you accepted. Please don't log hours unless confirmed by the client. Sometimes clients will threaten to report you and try to block your profile. These are spammers as they find you have a good history and want to bring down your profile by negativity.


Delete Chat history: There are some clients who will communicate and after sometime you will notice they will delete chat and communication which they send you and try to ask details or do things against policies then shift blame on you if someone will check history there is no clue. These are spammers and don't work with such clients.


Dont share personal data: You may find different requests where clients want to register under your personal data or you use credit details for user testing. In such a case, don't share personal data as your id will be exposed and you may get into some legal issues which the client will not support later even though you try to help them.



In conclusion, mastering client engagement is not only essential for success as a freelancer but also pivotal for long-term sustainability and growth in the competitive freelance market. By leveraging key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess client relationships and project performance, freelancers can make informed decisions, optimize their freelance business, and cultivate lasting partnerships with clients.