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Sep 18, 2023
Leveraging AI: 6 Ways Freelancers Can Enhance Their Workflow

Leveraging AI: 6 Ways Freelancers Can Enhance Their Workflow


As AI continues to revolutionize the freelance landscape, we asked CEOs, founders, and other professionals to share their experiences. From boosting productivity with AI-Language models to boosting creativity and organization with ChatGPT, here are six insightful ways these leaders have incorporated AI tools into their work to enhance efficiency and productivity.


  • Boosting Productivity With AI-Language Models
  • Improving Task Prioritization With AI-Powered Features
  • Enhancing Ad Copy Creation With GPT-4
  • Increasing Online Visibility With Social-Media Tools
  • Streamlining Workflow With Goblin Tools
  • Boosting Creativity and Organization With ChatGPT


Boosting Productivity With AI-Language Models

Incorporating AI into my workflow has revolutionized my productivity. A major revelation was using an AI-based language model, like GPT-4, for content briefing and idea brainstorming. 


Often, I have a concept in mind but sometimes struggle to develop it efficiently. GPT-4 assists by generating various ideas and drafts based on my input, which significantly cuts down the initial drafting time and facilitates the creative process.


Another example is using AI tools for email management. Services like "SaneBox" leverage machine learning to filter and organize emails, reducing clutter and prioritizing essential correspondences.


These practical uses of AI save me a significant amount of time, permitting a focus on high-value tasks and continually improving the quality of my services.


Matt Janaway, CEO, Marketing Labs


Improving Task Prioritization With AI-Powered Features

As a marketing consultant prior to leading Click Intelligence, I used AI-powered tools to streamline my freelance work. A specific tool that transformed my productivity was a project management tool integrated with AI, like ClickUp or Trello.


For instance, these tools come with AI-powered features that automatically prioritize tasks based on deadlines, project status, and workload. 


In one of my projects, where I had to juggle different tasks with varying deadlines, the AI's predictive capabilities and intelligent task scheduling saved me from the hassle of manual planning. It ensured I never missed a deadline and could balance my workload effectively.


This use of AI not only improved my project organization and time management but also freed up my mental space to focus on strategic tasks, ‌significantly boosting my overall productivity and output quality.


Simon Brisk, Director, Click Intelligence Ltd


Enhancing Ad Copy Creation With GPT-4

I've integrated AI tools, such as OpenAI's GPT-4, into my workflow. Specifically, I've been using it to create Facebook ad copy. Initially, ‌generating diverse, engaging content for multiple clients was daunting, but AI has revolutionized my process. 


For instance, I provide it with product information, a target audience, and a creative brief, and it generates a range of unique, persuasive ad copy options. This not only speeds up my work significantly but also presents a wider array of creative possibilities, enhancing the quality and appeal of the ads. 


It enables me to focus more on strategizing for my clients' campaigns, ‌increasing productivity and efficiency in my freelance work.


Steve Dinelli, Founder, Marketer Interview


Increasing Online Visibility With Social-Media Tools

Using AI-powered social-media management tools, I could significantly increase my online visibility and participation. 


I can spot patterns in social-media conversations pertaining to my industry using AI algorithms, allowing me to adjust my material to what is currently resonating with the audience. 


For instance, with the aid of these instruments, I could zero in on a hot topic in digital marketing and write an article that has since received a lot of attention and shares.


Claire Jill Parker, Director of Business Management, GoVisaFree


Streamlining Workflow With Goblin Tools

Neurodivergent freelancers need to know about Goblin Tools! This is the most effective use of AI I've encountered. 


The tool breaks down projects into manageable action items, estimates how long tasks will take, and compiles a brain dump into a list of tasks. It is a game-changer for sure!


Laura McGuinn, Non-Profit Contractor, Laura McGuinn


Boosting Creativity and Organization With ChatGPT

There are often times when I get stuck on idea generation in brainstorming social media content for client accounts. By prompting ChatGPT with some basic information about my client, their target audience, and specific goals for that month, I'm able to produce a huge list of possible content topics and ways to approach those topics that will best reflect the goals of the business. 


It's also great for doing what I like to call "organizing my brain chaos." Sometimes, I know what I want to say, but getting all my thoughts into a well-structured piece of content that sounds cohesive is difficult. 


Now, with ChatGPT, I can input the "brain chaos" and it will help plan an actual piece of content that makes sense to someone other than the voice inside my head. AI has been an incredible time-saver and productivity booster!


Marissa Pané, Online Marketing Strategist, Pané Marketing