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Nov 13, 2023
My Upwork Strategy for Organic Profile View Ranking and More Invitations in 2023

You will see visible results of this strategy within a week of implementing it. To do this you have to focus on yourself, keep your demotivation aside, open your mind to see a broader picture, and have blind trust in yourself.

To get started, note these points down to repeat during the 7-day repeated schedule:



Profile Picture:


First and most important change your profile picture to a highly professional one. Use a very clear image with both your eyes visible, have a smile and good attire, something that connects you to your client. For example, if you are a photographer use a casual look, which is more into your profession, if you are a writer use a look that represents your personality like a writer if you are an engineer use a semi-formal look.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 4.47.53 PM.png





Use Google keyword planner, samrush, or any keyword forecast tool of your choice that can share insights of most searched keywords related to your services.

Once you make a list of the most searched long-tail and short-tail keywords then create a highly unique title for your profile. Remember this should be very professional and should not be used by anyone else. Upwork promotes unique and valuable profiles to a higher rank organically.

Every day try out 3 different variations of the title in a gap of 6 hours to see how many people have viewed your profile after those changes. Write down the title that brought the most views and invitations.


Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 4.48.52 PM.png







Your overview should be a balance of the following parameters: Highly catchy, professional and call to action based first sentence, second paragraph targeting what your clients ideally look for when they reach out to you, third paragraph showing a testimonial of your past client on Upwork or a previous client (50 Words max), Fourth para stating what skills and services you offer in relation to the clients search, Fifth and most important what is that you have done uniquely to help your clients and how you can help the current prospect, Next should be a Call to action statement asking the reader to send you a message or invitation.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 4.49.58 PM.png


Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 4.51.46 PM.png





Pay close attention to the jobs that are being posted on Upwork daily. Create a list in Excel, fill out the skills that are posted for each job and increase the count value for each skill based on how many times you saw it. Add the most added skills to your profile.


Screenshot 2023-11-03 at 4.50.35 PM.png




Here is proof of this strategy:





These are the number of invites I have received using this technique:





You have to be consistent in applying this technique and follow a disciplined schedule to achieve this if you are new to Upwork. You can verify my Upwork profile for the same.

Good luck!