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Jan 04, 2023
Portfolio Advice from a Product Designer at Upwork

It’s a new year and with it comes new opportunities to grow our businesses and careers. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve collected career and business advice from executives within Upwork, human resources experts, experienced freelancers, and business leaders. We’ll be sharing these tips all month long! You can subscribe to the blog to avoid missing this valuable insight.

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For those starting out in design, Alex recommends 3 tips for creating your portfolio:

  • Design with the audience in mind. Your audience is people looking to hire you. Showcase work that you want to be hired for, not anything you’ve ever done. Choose 3–5 projects to showcase. Keeping within this range will force you to narrow down and show your best work. Remember, you are designing for someone looking to hire you. They probably have a few minutes (if that) to scan your site. What do you want them to see at first glance?
  • Start in a text editor, not a website builder. First design the content, especially if you are starting from scratch. Start in word/pages/doc where formatting doesn’t matter. This way, you will focus on the words and not the look, that comes next. It’s important to tell a story, so engage your readers as if they were reading a blog post. Include these to start: Project objective, Your contribution (especially if part of a group effort), Challenges and how you overcame them, Outcome and results.
  • Show your personality. Your website is a chance at branding yourself, so take that opportunity and think about your style. Having good work is one thing, learning how to share it with your own voice is another.

For more details, check out Alex's blog post on Medium.