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Jun 28, 2023
Say Hello to the Growth Audit: It May Not Be Flashy, But You'll Want It In Your Toolbox

You can't change what you don't acknowledge. A growth audit, will detail your current state, identify what's working and make recommendations for what's still required to create the growth you want.


What is it? 
A growth audit lets you swap your current underperforming ways for even more opportunities to thrive.

Simply put, it’s a holistic review of your entire business operations.  It includes a deep dive into marketing, messaging, brand, and strategy, yet goes further to include an audit of company goals and resources, operations, systems, processes, and planning.  It uses hard metrics to find ways to save time, errors, and money, and it identifies ways to increase productivity, return on investment, efficiency,  accuracy, and market share.  It aligns and integrates, and it’s like a full-service tune-up for your business, setting it up to support and sustain future growth.


Why Invest in a Growth Audit?

To set your business up for sustainable success! 


Conducting a growth audit is one of the most powerful investments you can make in the long-term sustainable growth of your business.


You may already be aware of its power,  but here’s a reminder of the key benefits generated by a comprehensive growth audit. 


It will:

  1. Uncover problems and inefficiencies

  2. Identify what’s working well

  3. Determine what isn't

  4. Increase return on marketing investment (ROMI)

  5. Extend and increase the customer's lifetime value

  6. Reduce customer acquisition costs

  7. Decrease customer churn

  8. Maximise brand recognition

  9. Explore better ideas and improved strategies 

  10. Provide objective advice and input

  11. Clarify your future goals

  12. Ensure that you have metrics in place that have meaning

  13. Save team time and reduce project costs

  14. Maximize your revenue and profitability potential 

  15. Ensure proper resourcing

  16. Increase operational efficiency

  17. Decrease errors and inconsistencies

  18. Increase market share

  19. Identify your most urgent priorities

  20. Give you an actionable roadmap for your growth journey

  21. Set a benchmark for future reviews/audits

How Does It Work?

Depending on the complexity of the client organization that you are conducting this audit for, some or all of the following standard audit methods employed will include:

  • Reviewing company documents and outputs – financial reports, marketing plans, customer data, job descriptions, policies, and procedures.

  • Surveying customers and team members – via interviews, focus groups, or surveys.

  • Monitoring online activity and digital footprint – website analytics, social media metrics, etc.

  • Comparing with the competition – studying their marketing strategies and tactics.

  • Analyzing financials – revenue growth, profit margins, fees, team remuneration, bonus structures, and various operational costs, etc.

A growth audit is much more than a digital or marketing audit.  It looks beyond that and includes a review of your systems, processes, operations, resourcing, pricing, and communications, including the following broad sections:

  • Marketing & Communications Audit

  • Operations and Planning Review

  • Team Skills & Resources Audit

  • Financial Review - things like pricing, profitability, resource costs, etc.

  • Systems & Processes Audit

Twelve Telling HINTS the Time Is Right for a Growth Audit 

How do you know if a Growth Audit is proper for you? Or when the time might be right?  


There are a few telling signs that a Growth Audit is precisely what you need. They include:

  1. You’re determined to set yourself and your business up for the ultimate growth.

  2. It would be best if you had a more robust infrastructure so that not so much of the doing is reliant on you.

  3. You’re keen to expand the greatness of your business, your team, and yourself.

  4. You’re struggling to find time to work ON the business rather than IN it.  

  5. It’s time you amped up the impact you and your business are making on the world.

  6. You know that doing more is not enough. You also want to do better!

  7. You’ve identified some repetitive tasks and are keen to automate them.

  8. You’ve spotted some small cracks in your business foundations and know they need to be addressed before they expand. 

  9. Your business/marketing planning is either short-term,  inconsistent, or non-existent.

  10. Your profit margin is falling, but you’re not sure as to WHY, WHERE, or HOW.

  11. You haven’t reviewed or assessed your systems or processes since you introduced them.

  12. In your heart, you know it’s time to do more than succeed. IT'S TIME TO THRIVE!


I Know the Power of the Growth Audit First Hand!


I’m Linda, the founder of The Growth Garden, a branding and marketing agency that helps ambitious SME service businesses to achieve their BIG growth goals.


We help clients create a clear and compelling vision for their future. Then, we provide the tools, strategies, and guidance required to actually achieve it.


Our growth audits, internal and external branding work, strategic growth marketing, and coaching and consulting services are all delivered virtually for maximum efficiency and impact.


We've seen growth audits cut costs, increase conversion rates, save time, increase profitability, and clarify roles. responsibilities and add operational efficiency in teams as they move toward a common goal.



How many of these resonate with you?

(If it’s more than 3, consider looking at a growth audit to smartly and strategically amplify your growth momentum)


If you are noticing any of the above hints in your organization, you may want to reach out to an integrated growth marketing agency like The Growth Garden - we can take you through a systematic review of your current state, get you off the hamster wheel and show you some growth enhancing opportunities for ensuring that growth happens throughout your organization and is sustainable.


So, when you’re thinking about how you want to approach your company’s future growth, do you want lots of noise, empty promises, and short-term gain at the expense of long-term growth? Or do you want the benefits of a solid strategic business tool that generates sustainable development over the long term?


When it comes to the growth and success of your business, what’s your choice? - Flashy or Strong?  


I know where my money would go!