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Dec 06, 2022
Sound Off: What’s Your Favorite Aspect of Working Remotely?

There are lots of reasons why working remotely can be great. But what’s the best reason? What do remote workers say? We took to Twitter to find out.



The biggest winner was “More time with family.” Given the time we save when we’re not commuting to an office, this is no surprise. I know I gained an additional 5 hours of free time every week of time when I quit commuting! I put that time to use by developing a gym habit. It was easier to do given that this was “bonus” time.




One tweeter put an emphasis on having control over their work. It’s huge to have control over your day. Freelancers can choose when and how they work. It’s nice to have the ability to take time to recharge between projects without worrying about a boss breathing down your neck.



One response proposed a combination of more time with family and traveling while working. Now this is living the dream.




It’s not all roses when working remotely. Internet speed can definitely be problematic for some freelancers. I never considered traveling when I worked remotely in customer service because I needed a reliable network in a quiet place. I couldn’t head to a coffee shop if the hotel wifi wasn’t sufficient so I just stayed home!


A lot of people just couldn’t settle on a favorite and commented “All of the above.” I admit it’s hard to choose, but my vote went to traveling while working. Thanks to not having to worry about taking time off, I’ve had the opportunity to go on more family trips and trips to visit friends than I would have otherwise.


What’s your favorite aspect of working remotely?