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Nov 30, 2022
Team Spotlight: Av, Sr. Community Engagement Specialist & Community Ambassador

Avery - or “Av” for short - is another person you’re probably familiar with if you spend a lot of time in the discussion forums or attend Community Events. She has been part Community Engagement team since November 2015 and part of the Community Events Team since 2017. Now’s your chance to learn more about Av and what she does in her roles.

Avery and her family.Avery and her family.

How did you come to join Upwork?

Av: “My partner at the time was asked for referrals for the role of Community Moderator as the team needed someone from our timezone (PHST) who could cover the late afternoon/evening shift. I interviewed for the position and landed the project.

“When the Country Manager role became vacant, the Community Events Team (then called Freelancer Success Team) needed an on-the-ground team member who could continue rolling out or "mobilizing" events to the Philippine market. Since I used to help out the Country Manager in his events and I had excellent knowledge of how the Upwork website worked (because of my training with the Community Team), I interviewed to be part of the team.”

What do you do in your role?

Av: “The primary role of any Community Engagement Specialist is to engage and participate in the discussion in the Community to encourage positive dialogue. We also direct issues or concerns to appropriate teams and highlight feedback/escalate issues or recurring themes to appropriate internal channels/Upwork teams. I also help with training, assuring that our responses are accurate, and supporting the rest of our team. 

“As a Community Ambassador, I set up educational events in my local market and help talent set up their Talent Huddles. These events help talent get started and grow their business further.”

What’s your favorite part of your role?

Av: “When my son asked me to explain what I do, I told him that I help people with their freelance businesses by redirecting them to resources, providing solutions to their issues, or sharing tips on how they can grow. I also truly enjoy engaging with people - getting to know new people, learning about them, and making them feel that they are part of a bigger Community.”

Community Engagement team meetup in Serbia in 2019.Community Engagement team meetup in Serbia in 2019. Community Ambassador meet up in Serbia in 2019.Community Ambassador meet up in Serbia in 2019.

What’s your favorite part of working with/for Upwork?

Av: “The people. I love working with my team, it's my favorite part of working for Upwork. I believe it's because it has been easy working with them - I know they have my back, and we're always there to help each other out. There’s this post on my social media account that I truly resonate with: ‘There’s the family you make, there’s the family you choose, and then there’s the family you make an impact with.’ In that post, I continue to say, ‘…I’m glad I found a work family I’m happy to be with and to take on the world with. I hope you’re happy with your work family too.’ That truly explains how I feel about working with this team.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Av: “I don't know if I have any free time (LOL). During downtime, I like watching movies or any good series. Sometimes - if I feel like doing it - I try to figure out songs on the piano/guitar and sing to them (I'm not very skilled with playing these instruments, so it's just basic chords - I can't finish a song). I also hang out with my cats. If I have actual downtime, I cook. If I lived by the beach, you would always see me in the water.”

Homemade burgersHomemade burgers Avery's petsAvery's pets


Stay tuned as we continue to feature members of the Community Engagement team in the coming weeks!