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This Interview Approach Helped Me Win 28 Long Term Contracts in the First Five Months on Upwork


In this video, I share how my Secret Playbook for winning Upwork interviews works.



0:00 - What is a playbook for winning an Upwork interview?
0:48 - How the playbook is structured?
1:37 - Initial interview
2:39 - The solution
2:59 - The experience
3:24 - Principles
4:30 - Roadmap
4:52 - Final words


This approach to Upwork job interviews helped me win 28 contracts in the first five months of freelancing on the platform.

Mastery of converting interested people into clients directly affects your earnings.
So I decided to take control of this process and create a script with tips for Upwork interviews.
I am not that good at improvising, so it would be great to have a playbook. 

So today, I am sharing it with you.

I hope that my experience and tips can be helpful to beginners.


Watch Anton's full YouTube video here.