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Oct 05, 2022
This Is How We Work Now: Romina’s Story

I have been working in human resources at big multinational companies for almost 20 years with a lot of success and what many would consider a career without a ceiling. But I was terribly unhappy, working 10 or 12 hours a day, stressed and unhealthy. I was restructuring companies every 2 years and completely detached from my purpose. I was ready to throw the towel at 43 and not work one more day in HR again. 

So I left my job during the pandemic and started my "rehab period." After a couple of months, I started reading about digital nomads and found Upwork. It changed my life. 

I had thought freelancing was only for graphic designers, developers, and recruiters. I discovered a world of projects (different topics, sizes, and duration), and complete flexibility a few clicks away. I was able to reconnect with the part of my profession that I loved the most: helping people develop and grow and helping organizations become a better place to work. 

It was a slow process at the beginning but Upwork has an amazing set of tools, recommendations and support that helped me understand this new world. 

Today I am able to control how much time I work and which projects I am involved in. I have time to myself, I am healthy and extremely happy. I could not be more grateful to Upwork and the community of businesses and freelancers that I get to work with.

When did you pivot to freelancing?