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Nov 02, 2022
This Is How We Work Now: Sudhir's Story

I started working in the glorious information technology (IT) industry in 2002.  As the days and then years passed by,  I found myself going from very happy to very content to dissatisfied and, eventually, to frustrated.  

I worked for a very large multinational corporation (MNC) with more than a million employees.  I spent a few years abroad (a dream-come-true type scenario) while slowly climbing the corporate ladder of unhappiness. One day I realized that it just gets worse as you go up the ladder. People at the top looked more frustrated and below them, I found a lot of unhappy folks who were ready to do anything to climb the ladder.

The pandemic really erased the already blurred line between work and personal life. I would go to bed and have nightmares about my work. I got calls from my boss at odd hours (12 AM one day; 4 AM on a weekend) and witnessed the effects of nepotism. That's when I decided to call it quits.  It's hard to digest when the company you're working for works in opposition to your ideals.

I thought I would join another big MNC with a better compensation package, but I began to feel that every place was the same story in a different building. I was afraid I would end up back in the same situation.  Extra money can only go so far in making you happy.

I had little experience with Upwork, but during my final weeks at the company, I started applying for jobs. Luckily I got a great client on my last day at the organization where I had worked for more than 16 years.  It's been eight months now since I began freelancing full-time on Upwork and every day is a new beginning. I have a couple of great clients on Upwork and have built relationships.  Money-wise I'm doing okay, but happiness-wise I'm a billionaire.

Now I start my day because I want to, not because I have to. I own my work, I own my day and I have complete ownership of how my career grows. I'm not chasing fancy titles anymore.  On Upwork, my work speaks for itself and that's very empowering.  Upwork has really "Up-lifted" my life.  Now I'm a lot happier and it's like living my dream.  I'm more focused and productive compared to the past.  When  I work for two hours on Upwork,  it's focused and producing real value for my clients and I know this is going to benefit me in the future.     

As a freelancer, you have to show the best of yourself every day and that keeps me motivated.  This is how we work now.