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Nov 03, 2023
Your Upwork Glowing Review Journey: It Begins With Your First Hello, Not Only at the End

So, you've made it here!


You're probably wondering if there's some kind of magic involved when it comes to receiving those coveted Upwork reviews. Well, let me tell you, it's not magic – it's the result of hard work and dedication. As someone who's managed to earn around $12K on this platform, I can vouch for that.

But before we dive into the secrets, let me ask you: Are you ready to put in the effort? If you are, then I'm excited to share my secrets for consistently earning glowing reviews from clients around the globe on Upwork.


In this article, we'll dissect the factors that make public reviews effective. It's not just about delivering outstanding work; there are psychological and even behavioral science elements at play. And more importantly how to ask for Reviews? Yes yes, don’t be shy.

Oh, and a quick side note: I've been featured on TEDx, Google Dev Talks, NASA Space App Challenge, MTV Nescafe Lab, and Adobe's Behance. So, you can trust that I've got some valuable insights to share. 


So, let's get started on your journey to mastering the art of Upwork reviews – no magic tricks, just real strategies for success!



Cracking the Code: The Six Pillars of Upwork Review Success

A 5-star review is not simply the result of a single rating, but rather, it's an amalgamation of your performance across six key reviews on Upwork. If you're a newcomer to this platform, consider this a goldmine of insight. Not to worry; I'm here to dive deep into each of these vital elements, revealing how you can excel in each area and secure those coveted 5-star reviews.


Join me as we unravel the six critical factors that underpin the overall success of your public review.

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1. Skills:


A strong skill set is your foundation here, but don't be discouraged if you're new to the game. Upwork welcomes freelancers of all levels, so choose your niche wisely in your profile settings. But there's more to it.


Ask yourself, what's the latest thing you've learned in your field? This is crucial because often, clients lack the knowledge or time to oversee the work they're hiring you for. Your expertise is a primary attribute, and if you're new, it's time to dig in, study hard, and become the master of your service category.


To secure those 5-star reviews, your work should be nothing short of exceptional.



2. Quality:


You might wonder, what's the difference between skills and quality? Allow me to clarify with an example. Picture two freelancers in the same niche, say Wix Website Development. One simply fulfills the client's requests skillfully, while the other takes it a step further by applying their industry knowledge to deliver results that set an industry standard.


The key here is to use your skillset while infusing your work with industry expertise for the client's success. This is what distinguishes a project in terms of quality and often leads to that coveted 5-star rating.



3. Availability:


Managing your availability is a breeze on Upwork. You can sync your own schedule with your calendar and even share it with clients directly through Upwork's messaging system. No need for premium Zoom subscriptions to facilitate lengthy client discussions either. It's a game-changer, allowing you to record meetings if you wish.


So, what's holding you back from being more readily available to your clients? I get it; time zone differences can be a hassle. But remember, we're here to be awesome, and in the service industry, flexibility is key.


If it means staying up until 4 AM for a client on the other side of the world, do it.


Your clients' happiness translates to your success. Be professional in your interactions and maintain your camera presence during calls. One little tip: Greet your clients in your own language. It breaks the ice and shows you value their culture.



4. Deadlines:


Need I say more? Deliver ahead of schedule whenever possible. It provides room for adjustments and can earn you bonus points with clients. Remember, clients come to you for an experience, so your words and commitments are the keys to earning their trust. When you couple that with outstanding delivery, you're sure to bask in glowing reviews.



5. Communication:


Communication my friend, is the heartbeat of this journey. It's not just about conveying information but about building connections. From your very first hello to the last goodbye, every interaction counts. We all know it's vital in the good times, but it's equally crucial when navigating challenges.

Imagine working on projects with revisions or enduring marathon 3-hour Zoom calls. There might even be those moments when your client doesn't show up for that 4 AM meeting. It's in these situations that your ability to keep your composure and respond professionally becomes paramount.

Here's the deal – we're all human, whether you're the client or the Upwork freelancer. The more you grasp this, the better your journey will be.


Understanding human nature takes time, but once you've got it, you'll become a true maestro in handling communications. So, worry not, because becoming a rockstar in this arena is entirely within your reach.



6. Cooperation:


Remember, clients turn to you for your time, skills, or a combination of both. Once you have that, make an effort to genuinely convey that you're a part of their team. Despite geographical differences, you're right there with them.


Human nature thrives on shared motivation and goals, and when you mirror that professionally, you become the go-to partner.


Let's aim to be the best buddy for our clients, all within the bounds of professionalism. 




In Conclusion:

In the grand journey of Upwork, remember this: Each 'hello' and 'goodbye' is an opportunity for success. As we've explored the six pillars of Upwork review success, you've uncovered the secrets to forging your path to greatness. It's not magic, but rather the result of dedication, skill, quality, availability, meeting deadlines, effective communication, and unwavering cooperation.


With these tools at your disposal, you're poised to craft a legacy of glowing reviews and a thriving freelance career. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the triumphs, and always strive to be the best version of yourself in this dynamic world of freelancing.


Your journey from 'hello' to 'hooray' on Upwork is a testament to your potential, and your commitment to excellence is the magic that will propel you to new height.