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About my Friend email account

Actually not, My friend got my account suspended because My friend hadn't logged into Upwork for a long time.  My friend account was created in 2020. My friend  have to create this account to be able to contact support because Upwork keeps asking me to log in to get support.

Why My friend account has been suspended?
My friend don't know his fault and how My friend can get back his account,
could you tell My friend the reason for suspending the account..?

My friend name is Arslan Ali , My friend username : aliarslan51

Lets start, My friend account suspened and My friend can not submit proposal, so My friend  request you his account reopen soon as possible, My friend  dont know, how to suspened his account, maybe mistake by My friend if sorry for it, My friend humble request reopen his account soon

can you help My friend ? My friend account got suspended. My friend don't know why.

 The account you have blocked is My friend main account. Please unblock it and block the other one. My friend don't know. My friend did not create that other one. You are requested to please unblock this account.  Otherwise, My friend will suffer a great loss.

My friend Gmail is not working on Upwork for login. so My friend raised an issue with the support team for that. Now My friend want to do able to access my Gmail but the Support team has suspended his Upwork Account. Can anyone please help My friend with this?

My friend can not able to login my Upwork. to my Upwork ID and connect with the support team.
Please resolve My friend account issue.

I am enquiring about account blocking.
My friend account has been suspended recently. And My friend ’ve got several questions concerning it.
Firstly, could you tell me for what reason My friend account was blocked and whether I can solve it? Also, I’d like to know if there is any possibility to withdraw My friend earnings that are already on my balance. And in case there isn’t, what will happen to the money then?
My friend know there could a video call to solve some issues. So I was wondering whether it could help me.

Kindly see My friend  account again. And if it's suspended please reactivate it. My friend shall never do that mistake again.

I hope for the best from you.

Arslan Ali