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Global Markets

I do not want to VIOLATE any of Upwork's Agreement.  I am promoting in Cambodia right now.  I feel that the products I am working with belong in Un Developed, Developing Countries or the Third World.


So I was emailing and translating into Khmer language.  I kind of like it.  I speak French, Spanish and English, so learning more languages using our translators is fun.  I want to be a part of the post COVID development and the easy terms for Global Development Funds available with BRICS new Development Bank.  


I see this as a promising future.  There will be better International Trade and lower costs.  That is why I requested to join many countries in which are not Super Powers like USA.  I also looked at some of their INFRASTRUCURE.

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Great way of thinking!

I really want to know more about this work.
Thanks regards Rebecca
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Hello, please tell me more about your activities.
How do you want me to involve.
What exactly are you looking for in me or which work in particular do you
want me to do?

Regards Rebecca
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I looked at your profile.  You have a Bachelor Degree like me in Commerce.  Actually mines a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management, similar.  I started Mentoring and Engineer in India with couple products which can HELP under developed countries.  I do not know if it is ORDAINED.  Some Projects I have tried became bankrupt because they were not ORDAINED.  I work with BITCOIN for a long time so it must be ORDAINED.


Anyway until a BIG opportunity arrives, I will continue to PLAN.


You can view the products.


i attach my Power Point.


here is a video