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Goals for the second half of 2022?

Q3 has just begun and I'm already behind! Or it at least feels that way, but I've been grounding myself by setting and focusing on my goals for the second half of the year.


For my role with Upwork, we have a lot in the pipeline and even more ideas just waiting to be developed. One of my concrete goals is to increase the number of articles published on the blog by 50% this quarter. It's a tall order but, with some help, it can be done! We're working on ways for non-Upwork users to contribute to the blog. Of course, we want everyone to use Upwork, but we're trying to build the world's work community, not just an Upwork community.


Outside of Upwork, I'm working on a puppet-based children's series for YouTube. That is also a tall order, but every day I try to get myself to just do one thing. I'm doing everything from model building to puppet building to writing and beyond so there are plenty of little things for me to tackle. After several months of chipping away at different elements one thing at a time, I'm finally starting to complete components. Filming still feels very far off, but doing something nearly every day has helped me to feel the forward progress.


How about you? Where are you at as we settle into Q3?