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Community Manager

Has someone outside the business world inspired how you run your business?

Inspiration often comes from unexpected sources. A recent article outlined 4 Things All Small Business Owners Can Learn From Comedian Bill Burr. The author attended one of Burr’s shows and went down a rabbit hole learning about his history and experiences, ultimately emerging with some pearls of wisdom for small business owners. They’re some solid tips in my opinion and it got me wondering which other seemingly “non-business” folks might have valuable insight that can be applied to business. As a comedian and actor, Burr is, in practice, an entrepreneur and freelancer of sorts, but probably not a source people would seek out for business advice.  


Is there someone (celebrity or otherwise) who’s not a traditional business person, but who has provided you with insight that’s helped your business?

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Yes, I have worked with 100+ nonprofits and they have greatly affected my processes.