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Help upwork community

hello freelancers,

Can you give me a tip about my profile?
Although I submitted my second job months ago, I haven't been able to get my third job for months.
what path should i follow?

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dear i haven't get any job in upwark but i never loss hope i have created
account in fiver and get 2 order in a month and now i am searching other
soo keep your work hard and open your mind there are so many ways to earn
just keep trying

Hi Muhammad, thanks for this i'm new to upwork.

I hope i get a job soon .

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Hey Nulifer, 

My tip for the profile:

- Mention how many yrs of experience or how many projects have you worked on

- Use bullet points to make it clear what you do and easier to read 

- I think the title should be more clear or specific to what you do, so the client would know who i am hiring 

but other than that your portfolio is good and keep it up, just submit more and keep trying and you will get the job 
Hope I was helpful 🙂