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How do I Start

I like to write and want to submit an article or two for an article or community blog. Any tips would be welcomed. Thanks!

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Hi Yousaf,


Thank you for your interest! You've probably already checked out the existing articles on the Community Blog, but that's a great place to get inspiration.


Some ideas for topics you could cover are:

  • Your journey as a freelancer
  • Tips for other freelancers

We also have a topic brainstorming thread here in the group.


As for the overall process, here are the steps:

  1. Review the Submission Guide and Contributor Agreement.
  2. Click Start an article.
  3. Complete the requested fields.
  4. Click "Submit for review".
  5. Once your article has been published, check out our Social Media Toolkit for ideas for promoting your post.

Let us know if you have other questions. I'm excited to read what you have to share!