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How to different your proposal ?

Hello everyone,
I hope you are well and safe!
I am working on upwork from last 1 year. And I love all the features of Upwork. But I don't get the job, because there is something missing in my profile, which I don't know.

I also have a great team, some designers and some developers. And this team is the best. But no one knows how to send proposals. And we want to help. Please answer the questions below if you can.

1) Do you have something that can make you understand better? such as video.
2) Why is it that we have many skills, but we do not get work?
3) After I send the proposals, will the client read the proposal?
4) Right now I don't even have Connects, and people use 1500 Connects for one job. And it seems that skill is not important in this, am I right in this?
5) I want to work but I can't find work, is there any solution?

Thank you very much for answering the questions.