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📢 Introducing Myself: Expert DevOps Engineer with 17+ Years of Experience 🚀

Hello DevOps Professionals!


I'm an expert DevOps engineer with 17+ years of experience, excited to join this community. Let's build a strong professional network on Upwork to collaborate and refer job invites.


I specialize in CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, and CircleCI. I manage cloud infrastructure on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. My skills include Ansible, Puppet, Chef for configuration management, Docker/Kubernetes for containerization, and Terraform/CloudFormation for IaC.


Let's connect on Upwork and expand our networks. We can refer job invitations to each other.


Send me a connection request, and let's grow together!



Usama I.

Expert DevOps Engineer.

Connect with Usama on Upwork