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New candidate

Hi everyone, I'm new to Upwork any advise would be appreciated 👍

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Hi, I signed in and installed Upwork on May, 2023. And this month (July 2023) is the first time I've gotten work from Upwork. Someone invited me to send my CV, and then I did the interview. I'm working in a specific niche that is a subset of my primary work category. I'm a medical worker, and I focus on translating, from English to Bahasa Indonesia for small businesses. Then they offered to translate Electronic Health Records into Bahasa Indonesia. My job was to do the translation, but I developed it by giving them advice for the display of the application. They appreciated my job, and they want to give me another job (reviewing the application too). So, I think if you have an idea while you are doing the task, don't hesitate to communicate it.