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Pursuit For Peace & Unity

The Nigeria  National Anthem's call ends with Peace and Unity. This as a child caught my attention and on daily bases even up to date arrest my affection. The love I have for my country burns within me so much that on daily bases I yearn for 'The Peace and Unity' that is the Ending part of the Anthem yet the most captivating. How can we indeed achieve this 'Peace and Unity' in our Country' 

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I am no expert in "Peace and Unity" but here is what i think.

  • "Peace" : Can only be achieved when we are happy with what we are and what we have.  Peace is only disrupted when we try to impose our beliefs and values to others (that's the reason for most of the conflicts in this world).  
  • "Unity" : Can be achieved when we respect each other's values and beliefs.  I read somewhere that there are no extra souls in this planet.  Relegion are the guidelines to make the most of our human life.  Respect every relegion on this earth and follow yours.  Just respect each others way of living on this planet.  One thing is guranteed is our time here is limited,  ultimately all of us will die.