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Struggling with Upwork to get started! #BetterTogether #Play2Win

Upwork serves as an excellent launchpad for kickstarting a freelancing career and establishing a robust professional profile. Consistent efforts to enhance your understanding of the platform are crucial for success. While securing jobs in the initial phase can be challenging, maintaining persistence is key.


Despite my 20-day journey yielding no job offers so far, I remain optimistic about securing my first international client soon.


Here are the strategies I'm employing:


1. Studying the profiles of accomplished freelancers in my niche to gain insights and improve my own profile.

2. Daily commitment to acquiring new skills that enhance the value I bring to potential clients.

3. Compiling a portfolio showcasing my past work with non-Upwork clients.

4. Actively inviting satisfied clients to submit reviews on my Upwork profile.

5. Expanding my professional network by connecting with individuals in similar profiles.

6. Daily engagement to stay informed about relevant job opportunities on Upwork.

7. Continuously upgrading my knowledge of the Upwork platform.

8. Maintaining an active presence across various communication channels.


If you have any suggestions on how I can excel on Upwork, I would greatly appreciate your guidance.


Profile Link: Naveen N 


Feel free to connect with me on Upwork if you find my profile valuable. #BetterTogether #Play2Win

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Ok am interested

i all so intress
woud you like to use me in your logo design in your company

yuh sure