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The Gift of Gratitude

It’s National Gratitude Month, the season of giving, and a time for reflection! This week, Bethany, Manager, Community Experience, shared insights on The Gift of Gratitude. In her post, Bethany talks about the many different ways of expressing gratitude:


“Gratitude knows no specific language - it’s a smile, a hug, a word, a card, a gift, or simply just a thought of remembrance. It’s a posture that’s never late and always on time because it’s never too late to lift yourself - and each other - UP.”


If you haven’t read her post, I suggest you check it out for more pearls of wisdom about gratitude.


What are you most grateful for in 2022? What’s your favorite way to express gratitude?

Mike J.
Community Member

my way of expressing my gratitude is my smile and sending heart to all messages , in my actual ways saying thank you and sweet smile from me because iam very shy person in real but im so thankful they really appreciate me even in that simple gratitude of mine:)

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