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“The greatest teacher, failure is.”

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We talk a lot about doing the right thing. Writing the right proposal. Finding the right talent. Making the right career change. Expanding our businesses in the right way. But as my favorite Jedi Master says, “The greatest teacher, failure is. Luke, we are what they grow beyond. That is the true burden of all masters.” I take Yoda’s wisdom to mean that, if we want to truly pass on our expertise, we must also share our failures so that others can avoid the same mistakes and grow beyond our own initial successes. 


I’ll share my personal journey in an upcoming blog (you should too!), but my own experience tells me that persistence is key to success as a freelancer. My failure was giving up too quickly on freelancing as a translator. I didn’t understand the time it takes to get established. So my advice for new freelancers is don’t give up if your first one, two, or three dozen proposals go ignored. Keep learning and keep submitting proposals!

Do you have one thing you wish you’d done differently? If you’re feeling brave, share it here, or, if you’re ready to take on the role of a wise mentor, write a blog post and share it with the community!

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Good day sir/ ma.

I am a teacher. I want to teach on upwork. How can I go about it?

2) What advice can you give me regarding teaching on upwork?




Okay let begin to the Upwork learning