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The waiting game: My blog post is still under review after 2 weeks

Hey fellow community contributors,

I hope this post finds you all well and thriving in your respective journeys. Today, I want to share a bit of my own experience, and maybe some of you can relate.

I recently took the plunge into the world of community contributions, particularly on Upwork, where I aimed to inspire and motivate others with my success stories. With great enthusiasm, I poured my heart and experiences into a blog post, eager to connect with fellow community members. I hit the submit button on November 19, 2023, expecting to join the ranks of contributors who have shared their unique stories.


However, as I pen down these words, my blog post is still under review. Two weeks have passed since I sent it out into the digital abyss, and the silence is deafening. Now, I understand that patience is a virtue, especially in the online content submission realm. The submission guidelines explicitly mentioned, "It'll take us about 5 business days to review your submission. Please be patient!"


And so, I waited patiently, refreshing my inbox daily in anticipation. But as the days turned into weeks, doubts began to creep in. Am I missing something? Did my submission get lost in the vast sea of digital content?


I know I'm not alone in this. Many of you might have experienced the same anticipation, the eagerness to share your stories, the desire to contribute to a community that you hold dear. So, what do we do when the waiting game becomes a test of endurance?


Firstly, let's acknowledge that the review process might take longer than anticipated. The guidelines serve as a general timeframe, but sometimes, factors beyond our control come into play. It's okay to feel a bit anxious, but let's not let it overshadow the excitement of sharing our experiences.


Next, consider reaching out for clarification. The platform's administrators and moderators are there to assist. A polite inquiry about the status of your submission can provide insights into any unexpected delays or issues.


Remember, as contributors, our passion fuels the community. It's the stories, the shared experiences that make these platforms vibrant and dynamic. While we wait, let's continue supporting each other, sharing tips, and maybe even commiserating over the shared challenge of the waiting game.


In conclusion, my fellow contributors, the journey doesn't end when we hit the submit button. It continues as we navigate the waiting period together, building a stronger sense of community. My blog post may still be under review, but my enthusiasm and commitment to contributing to this amazing community remain unwavering.


Let's keep the conversation alive in the comments. Have you faced a similar situation? How did you cope with the waiting game? Share your thoughts and let's turn this waiting period into an opportunity to connect and support each other. I have so many things to share with the community but this first experience wont let me...


Here's to the power of our collective voices!


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I am facing the same problem. Do anyone else facing it?

No success for me. It's still under review.

Yeah we are facing the same challenge 

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Did it get approved? Or still on the waitlist?

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Hello Mahrukh, 

I can certainly sense your anticipation and the eagerness you have to share your insights with the community. It's inspiring to see such passion for contributing to the community and I understand how waiting for the approval can sometimes dampen the spirit.

What I can see, delays in review processes are often due to a high volume of submissions or internal prioritization, especially in active communities like Upwork. Generally, the teams in charge do their best to handle the influx, but it’s not uncommon for reviews to take longer than initially anticipated.

It’s great that you have been patient and have a positive outlook. Reaching out to the platform's support or forum moderators, as you mentioned, could be the next step to inquire about the status of your blog post. They're usually more than willing to assist and provide any updates they have.

In the meantime, consider this period as an opportunity to engage in other ways. You can participate in ongoing discussions, offer advice where you see fit, or even draft your next piece of content. Sometimes, these interactions can also lead to new insights and stories to share.

Your experience with the waiting game is something many can relate to. It highlights the importance of community support and understanding the behind-the-scenes of content-driven platforms. Sharing your story here helps everyone feel a little less alone in their waiting and reminds us that our shared experiences bind us together.

Wishing you the best.

Best Wishes Zulqarnain Ansari (Zain)

Hey, you should start writing a blog too!

Share all those big projects along with some insights and details. Make it a real comprehensive one. It'll be awesome!

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After patiently awaiting approval for my blog post for a month, I'm relieved that it has finally been accepted. However, I'd like to share my experience with the Upwork community to highlight the challenges I faced. Throughout this period, I encountered a lack of support, absence of rejection notifications, and a dearth of guidance. Surprisingly, I didn't receive a single message from either the community or Upwork itself regarding the status or the reason for the delay. Despite the platform claiming a 5-day review process, it took 30 days and multiple support ticket conversations to address the issue.

While I appreciate Upwork as a freelance platform, this experience has left me with a somewhat unresponsive and unfavorable impression from the community.

yuh me too but i dont know what to do so im still searching for a job i
want to help my family so bad
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I have been working for many months but I am not getting any work from upwork.What is the reason? 

i really dont know whtas the reason me too im working for 2 months