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Was there a moment that changed the trajectory of your career journey?

I’ve shared my wild ride of a career journey before. One of my inspirations was seeing the musical Wicked. I was so enthralled that it only took that one moment for me to return to my theatre roots and pursue a theatre degree (for a while anyway). Looking back, it’s still just as clear now how that one moment changed the trajectory of my life.


Was there a moment or experience that changed the trajectory of your career journey?

Mike J.
Community Member

I believe that everyone has positive goals to catch up with, but in one way or the other found ourselves in tragic state, which stops us from focusing on our career goals. My own tragetory was that I neglected my music career for graphic design u because it's trending and brings money.  But, in the course of my journey, I found that music around me may not be improved upon unless someone rise to it.

It was then that I reshaped my focus to my long listed career goal (music making).

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