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Welcome! Come on in and introduce yourself!

Hi Contributors!


I’m so excited to welcome you to our private group. In the future, we will open this group to a larger audience, but it’s just our little cohort until we iron out any wrinkles in our new program. You can head over to the submission guide if you want to jump right into learning what we’re looking for and how to submit your articles, but I wanted to take a chance to introduce myself and to learn a little about each of you.


I first learned about Upwork in 2017 while working as a freelance translator (French to English, if you’re curious). In 2018, I came across a job posting for a customer support role for Upwork. I was so fascinated by the platform and the future of work, that I submitted a proposal.  I was awarded the project and began working internally with Upwork in May of 2018. Since then, I have held many roles with Upwork including Sr. Customer Ambassador, Agency Program Coordinator, and my current role as Content Program Manager for this Community contribution program.


I’m thrilled to have the chance to help facilitate a knowledge exchange while giving each of you a chance to share your wisdom and experience with the larger Upwork community and beyond.


So tell me about yourself! What field do you work in? What excited you about this opportunity? Where are you located? (I’m in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!) Share whatever you’re comfortable with, or nothing at all if you’re one of those mysterious types.


Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing topics for discussion or ideas to get our creative juices flowing, but you can also create a new post at any time. You’re encouraged to ask questions and have fun!

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I am the atypical freelancer, well over retirement age.  I am a paralegal who only works for lawyers and only with US clients.  Mainly, I create chronological summaries of medical records but I do other tasks as well. And I only work part time.


I'm located in beautiful Biloxi, MS where I moved after surviving raising 3 children in New Orleans.  Originally, I'm from Chicago.  Mike, I have a newly-widowed son and granddaughter in Grafton and will be coming up there at the end of April for a month or so - maybe we can get together!

Thank you for sharing, Mary! I would love some of that Biloxi weather. Spring can't come soon enough in my opinion.  I'm sorry to hear about your recent loss. It would be great to connect when you visit Wisconsin!


I just don't do Wisconsin in the winter.  It's coldish and damp here but I can't take the bitter cold anymore.  Thanks for the condolences - it's been a rough fall and winter for my family but it's okay.


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Hi Mike! Thanks for the invite!


And hi everybody else!


I'm a marketing and sales strategist and consultant, and I head up an agency that specializes in working with B2B tech companies and consultancies. TBH, I don't do much strategy work or consulting anymore, running the agency and heading up our business development and team building take up most of my time.  


I'm also in Milwaukee (Mike, let me know if you want to grab a coffee and say "hey" in person!), but our agency is based Las Vegas. I moved to Wisconsin about four years ago, and I'm here with my husband, our cat Fathead, and a ton of indoor pepper plants (I like to make hot sauce).


I'm excited for this opportunity for a few reasons. Admittedly, depending how this program goes and how we can leverage the pieces, it could be good for our marketing and sales efforts. And it also seems like it may be more enjoyable and beneficial from another similar opportunity I've been involved in. However, despite those reasons, I also really like helping others out, sharing my knowledge, and providing value when I can. 


That being said, I am going to be horrible at checking this message board. If I'm silent, I'm not ghosting -- I'm probably just super duper busy. If anyone needs me or anything is timely, a direct email (or even a text) may do the trick.  


And that's about it! Happy to be involved and to help!

Hey Julie!

I definitely was feeling some Milwaukee pride when you were part of big marketing efforts over the last couple of years! It would be great to meet up!


Let me know when you're free and we can coffee-it-up. I'm across the street from Fairgrounds, but I can be not lazy and go elsewhere 🙂

I haven't been there yet, but I looked at an apartment on that block a couple of years ago. I love Downtown. I think my next house will be a condo down there. Anyway, I think the easiest way to coordinate is to share my calendar and then you can choose whatever day/time works for you: https://calendly.com/upworkmike/60min

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So maybe we'll all get together when I'm in Grafton.  How fun!  I am, I think, the only freelancer in coastal Mississippi.

Yes! That would be great!


I like Grafton! I'd definitely be up for that! 


Also, I have two team members from Mississippi who now live in Milwaukee, if that counts. 🙂

Cedarberg is pretty cool and closer to Milwaukee by a little.  I can't imagine living in the Midwest again (I grew up in the Chicago suburbs).

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Thank you for the initiative and the invite, Mike!


I'll be happy to share some educational stories over here too. I checked the agreement and it looks all good.


I have just one question regarding links. I thought of writing about "5½ ways how Upwork improved my solopreneur career" (tentative title) but I don't have much time for crafting something 100% original. So, I'll draw most of the material from my old CoachLancer articles, if that is fine with you.


I just wanted to clarify that there are no conflicts between Community Guidelines regarding the advertisement/promotion of products or services (second bullet in the second list) and bullet No. 3 in the Community Contributor Agreement. My blog is free to all, but I do have ads there.


I'd also like to add a link to my editor's Upwork profile (a fellow freelancer over here... we'll have a direct contract) if that's OK. And further, I want to give kudos to everyone who has had a role in the story if that's OK with Upwork, mostly good folks I've hired over here as a client.


The point is advertising, after all, right?

Hey Mikko,


Great questions! Yes, that's okay for you to pull from articles on your own site. And yes, we are aware of the slight conflict with the Community Guidelines in terms of self-promotion. We don't want the articles to read like advertisements, but you can link to profiles or websites or your social media.


Hope this helps!


OK great, Mike!  I think we can get this done then.


And if some links are not to your liking, let me know and I'll make some edits.


Everyone on (and inside!) Upwork should benefit from this very cool initiative. I'll submit a draft within a week... 

Oh hey, Mike, one more question regarding advertising (sort of 🤪): What would you say is an appropriate number of 🥥coconut🥥 references I could use here?


Telling my story completely without any is simply impossible, so you get to pick a number between 1 and infinity. Your choice! 😉


Asking because I always completely overdo these things (I know!) but perhaps I won't corrupt any innocent minds with too much coconut propaganda... this time. 😇


Please let me know. A single digit number is perfectly fine. 🤣

😂  I'm not sure if "coconut references" is code for something else, but you're free to mention coconuts as often as you like!


You might regret saying that....


Well I know Stan Gromer loves to talk about coconuts, so an abundance of mentions in the blog might win me some brownie points! 


Mary, I think you have the ability to predict the future here. Or it's perhaps just Deja Vu. 🤣


And Mike J., I'm sure there will be some points to collect. Not sure what type, though. 😁

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Hi, all.

I'm a writer. Mostly in the SEO/digital marketing niche, but I'm happy to write on other stuff as well. I live in Thailand (I'm from Britain).

Looking forward to seeing how this works out, and thanks for the invitation.

Welcome, Jamie! I'd love to hear how you ended up living in Thailand if you ever want to share. It's one of the top places I'd like to visit someday. 


Thanks, Mike.

I originally came to Thailand as a backpacker. The plan was to arrive in Bangkok and travel south to Australia from where I would eventually get a flight back to the UK. To cut a long story short... I decided to stay and am still in Bangkok (I never made it to Australia).

Thailand is a wonderful country and has it all from stunning beaches, a legendary nightlife, and the welcoming nature of Thai people. It's called the land of smiles for good reason.

You should visit - you won't regret it.

I love that story! I definitely need to visit there someday.

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Mechanical engineer and technical operator

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Greetings Mike and team,

I’m Bishoy, an MS365 Technical Support/Copilot based in Cairo, Egypt, proficient in German and English. With over three years in the tech industry and a keen interest in cloud services and Copilot technology, I’m eager to contribute my skills and learn from this community.

As a recent addition to Upwork, I’ve smoothly transitioned into the platform and am excited about the opportunities it presents.

Looking forward to our collaborative journey.

Best regards,