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What’s your angle? - Topic Brainstorming

So you’ve read the submission guide and you’re excited to participate. There’s just one problem: you’re not sure what to write about. Well here’s your chance to tap into the hive mind! 


Maybe you have a general idea for an article but aren’t sure how to frame it. Or maybe you aren’t sure which of many ideas to share first. It could also be that you’ve been through quite the journey with your career or business, but aren’t sure which stories might interest the work community.


Whatever situation you find yourself in, share what you’re thinking and the rest of the group will share our judgment-free thoughts and suggestions!


On an unrelated note, I want to acknowledge the situation unfolding in Eastern Europe and how it has impacted so many users on Upwork, particularly with the announcement on Monday that we are suspending operations in Russia and Belarus. This is a difficult time and our teams are all working together to support our users. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns. 

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I know what to write about, just don't have the time right now!  (Not a bad place to be). 


Am concerned about Valeria - was her family able to get out of Ukraine?  I hate to bother her.  And I think Vlad is somewhere in that area and would love to know he's safe (although I did see him post yesterday).

Thanks for checking on me, Mary. I went ahead and sent you a private message via that same conversation thread we were having earlier.

~ Valeria

Good to hear you're OK Valeria. Hoping everything works out as well as it can for you.

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I have a topic idea - something that I struggled with until experience helped me overcome it:

"How to overcome writer's block"

I think I can offer some insights that newer writers could benefit from.

I think that's a great topic! I'm looking forward to your insight.


Jamie, I think that writer's block is an evergreen topic, go for it!


I never, ever suffered from it, BTW. Probably because I'm not a writer and if I do some writing, I only do it in a really strange transcendent flow state that only ends when I leave the desk after writing, go run, and come up with some additional ridiculous details I have to add when I get back.


Then, I'm done and happy with it. 🤣


It's a strange process but extremely efficient. No blocks whatsoever. 😁

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I will throw my hat in the ring. I've been considering for a long time drafting a thread for the Community on proposal writing, since that's actually my line of work, and there are so many questions, and only very generic information available. 

I think that would be a big hit!


I'll probably work on it over the weekend. It will take a while. And I have to finish prepping for a webinar I'm giving on...wait for it...proposal writing on Friday. 🙂 


Mike, would it be acceptable to take screenshots of job posts to use as examples in the post? Or can Upwork provide me some kosher job posts to use for examples? I'm happy to screenshot ones to use, but I don't want to do the work and have it rejected for using screenshots of real jobs. But honestly that will be the best way to give real solutions. 

It's okay to use screenshots of real jobs, but try choosing jobs that have more generic titles and descriptions. We're trying to avoid information that identifies the client. I would also recommend blurring the location which I can help with if needed.


Thanks, Mike! No problem blurring locations. I did not get to it this weekend, needed some R&R, but I'm slowly working on it. 

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My freelance journey has helped me run two companies and I think I have an idea of what to write about but not sure how to squeeze it into my schedule. Will definitely try this month.

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I've definitely got a lot to write about. It's just finding time between current jobs and roaming the world. But inshallah soon – because I've worked from many countries and I'm eager to write about it. 🙂

Jane Sofia S wrote:

I've definitely got a lot to write about. It's just finding time between current jobs and roaming the world. But inshallah soon – because I've worked from many countries and I'm eager to write about it. 🙂

I think a post about how to manage work load while traveling would be a great idea!

I was thrilled to see you on a train in one of the recent group events! Can't wait to learn more!

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"How to Succeed on UpWork as a New Freelancer?"


"How to Succeed on UpWork as a New Client?"

I have these two topics in mind at this moment around which I would like to submit the content. 

Sahan (Unofficial Nickname)

Great ideas! It would be great to see more tips for clients!


I S M H,

  • I S M H wrote, "How to Succeed on UpWork as a New Client?"

I am freelancer here but I am going to share one tips for new clients from my view. 


Ask a very common question on job positing description at the middle or at the end, and request freelancers to start their proposals by that question's answer. Instead of asking question by Upwork's question-format. Because upwork's question format forces freelancers to answer that questions attentionally. So ask an question on job post description and at the same time allow to option to skip it, so that you can see who cares your job post. By then, you will be able to filter freelancers easily who give value your post.


That question can be very common like how many oceans are available in this world? This answer can be found by Google search, but that is not the point of concern, matter is who has answered this question, has already read you post clearly. 


One tips for clients from freelancer's eyes. Haha.

Thank you.