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What’s your favorite aspect of working remotely?

Upwork recently did a Twitter poll asking remote workers about their favorite aspect of working remotely. 



The results showed that most people (47%) selected “More time with family” as their favorite. Do you agree? What’s your favorite aspect of working remotely?

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The list should have included money/time/stress saved on not having a daily commute.😎


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It's hard to choose just 1 thing that's good about working remotely. I can go anywhere, stop when I need to etc. I like being a freelancer because I'm my own boss. I set my priorities and my schedule.

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As I'm a travel lover, my pick will be Travel While Working. 😁

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I have been freelancing for 25 years and it's been about the pay and flexiblity of my schedule for family and the community. I have earned $20 million during that time and would have never earned that much when in Banking and Consulting. Most people don't realize how profitable it can be to freelance if one is at an Expert level, works hard and smart.

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