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Would you like to have a robot assistant?


Last week, Tesla unveiled their first humanoid robot. The robots will have completely functional hands, including opposable thumbs so that they can use tools and complete a variety of tasks like watering plants. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he intends for the robots to sell for under $20,000. Oh, is that all? I guess that’s not bad for an AI robot assistant!


Price aside, I’m intrigued by the concept, but I’ve also seen all the Terminator movies so I’m slightly unnerved by the concept. I hope they make it slightly less scary looking before it goes on sale. At least give it a face!


Would you consider buying a robot assistant?



Mike J.
Community Member

No no no😁

Community Member

BIG No from my end.

Community Member

i miGht think to do so

Community Member

After watching all terminator movies... And knowing Tesla, these robot will be built with some level of intelligence. Because nobody wants a dumb robot.

Its a NO for me.
I don't want a Skynet in real life.

Community Member

It's a no for me especially now that we still have unemployed people in every country that need the jobs that they are making the robots take on. 

This can even cause issues for governments or countries that support the robot agenda.

But the benefits of using robots are massive.

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