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Re: Free Webinar: Getting Tax-Wise

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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Are you a US-based freelancer with questions about filing your 2016 taxes as a 1099 independent contractor? Interested in learning about potential tax deductions for your business?


Due to popular demand, we have brought back Derek Davis, founder of Shared Economy, for another installment of our Professional Development webinar series- The Getting Tax-Wise Webinar, happening on Wednesday, February 1st from 2:00 – 3:00 pm PST.


Derek is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with over half a decade of professional taxation experience. In this webinar, Derek will be sharing information on how taxes work for US freelancers and identify some potential tax deductions. All freelancers are invited to attend, although the webinar will be most valuable for U.S.-based freelancers.


This webinar will not be offering one-on-one tax advice, but we will be answering user questions. If you have any general questions on how taxes work for freelancers, particularly in US, post them on this thread and we'll be sure to include them in the Q&A section of the webinar.


Join us for the free webinar by registering here, we hope to see you there!



Shared Economy is also offering Upwork freelancers- $25 Off Tax Prep Services and $50 Off Tax Prep Services for Corporations (C-Corp & S-Corps). Just book an appointment here and use the code Upwork Tax Seminar 2017” when signing up.



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Chase H Member Since: Jan 24, 2017
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I'm not able to attend this during the timeframe given, but I would like to get more information. Is there a way to access a recording of this afterward or do I have any other options?



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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Chase,


Yes, we will follow up and update this thread with the webinar recording.

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Eric U Member Since: Jan 24, 2017
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Very nice! I wish there was a Canadian version. 

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Yasakov V Member Since: Jan 24, 2017
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Help me !

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Christopher J Member Since: Oct 19, 2016
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Are there any plans to offer similar webinars for other countries? UK based and would love to get some professional insight (without the hefty bill an accountant would incur). Thanks! 

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Christopher,


Unfortunately, we don't have any webinars about reporting income and paying taxes in countries other than the U.S. planned yet. However, this is something we are looking into.

~ Valeria
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Szonja K Member Since: Jan 28, 2017
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Hi Valeria, 


I'm also EU based (Netherlands) and would love to have a similar session for people outside the US.


Kind regards,


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Vanessa M Member Since: Jan 21, 2017
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Does this webinar also count for US citizens based outside the US?


Vanessa Molano

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Vanessa,


The webinar will be focused more on U.S. based independent contractors. However, we will be taking questions from users in the Q/A section and you can ask any specific questions you have then.

~ Valeria